A Corrugated Concrete Shell with Knitted Formwork

Workshop Project  Summer 2021 • Team Work with Zixun Huang & Kai Wang
DigitalFUTURES: 2021 InclusiveFUTURES Workshops 
Instructor:  Philippe Block, Philip F. Yuan, Tom Van Mele
My Role: Team Leader, Concept Design, Form Finding, Drawings and Renderings, On-site Prototype Construction
Site: Tongji University CAUP, Shanghai, China
This form study serves a dual purpose: a bridge and a canopy at the same time. The crossing structure creates playful connectivity throughout the space, linking three floors with uninterrupted fluidity. With the use of a knitted structure, this bridge could be built with minimum material and labor, showcasing the elegant lightness of the structure itself and fabrication technology. The corrugation enhances the structural strength and also serves as a special aesthetic element. COMPAS is also used to generate the skeleton mesh and further optimize the form.



On-site Prototype Construction

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